Why would there be funds owed to me that I don't know about?
Some of the most common reasons for funds becoming unclaimed can be a change of address, the owner is deceased or the assets or account has been left inactive for a certain period of time.
Where is are the funds from?

There are many types of unclaimed assets from different sources including but not limited to bank accounts, safe deposit box contents, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, dividends, uncashed checks, wages, insurance proceeds and inheritance money, tax refunds, etc.

You may want to check out www.missingmoney.com & www.nupn.com/state to find if there are any unclaimed assets in your name or in the name of someone dear to you.

If you have received a notice from us, we have found funds which don’t make their way on these lists. Our firm Assist Asset Recovery, Inc. has already invested a considerable amount of time and resources to locate your assets.

Will I need to pay anything upfront ?
No. Assist Asset Recovery, Inc. will front all the costs to process the claim, We work on a contingency basis and (you pay nothing unless we successfully collect ) payment is due only when we successfully collect your funds. this is clearly spelled out in the agreement which will be signed between you and Assist Asset Recovery, Inc.
Can I collect these funds on my own ?

In most cases collecting these funds require a motion or application to be filed with the court or government agency and hiring an attorney on your own could be costly. Attorneys typically charge an hourly rate which needs to be paid whether or not they are successful in recovering the funds.

Complex claims will require extensive work together with the attorney & Assist Asset Recovery, Inc.’s professionals in order to connect the links of the funds to the claimant as well as having the court move the agency holding the funds to release it on that basis.

With Assist Asset Recovery, Inc. we will advance all attorney’s fees and related expenses. So you invest nothing but your signature. Most importantly, we know how to handle the claim efficiently and effectively.

How much time do I have to claim and is there a potential of the claim expiring?

Depending on the government agency there may be a statute of limitations where if a certain amount of time passes your funds may be absorbed into the holding agency’s general fund and may become irretrievable.

In any case it is wise to pursue the claim as soon as possible.

Why wasn't I notified about the funds ?
In many instances the holding agency will only mail a letter to an address they have on file. Great lengths will usually not be taken to find people like you to notify about the money due to you. Since the agency knows that when a certain time goes by and the rightful owner has not claimed the funds, the agency gets to keep the funds. It is not in their best interest that the rightful owner should know about it.

If a government agency is holding your funds, we know how to get them!